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Happy Landings

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March 2012

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May 6th - Club Meeting 2:00 PM

April 2012 Happenings

We had the opportunity to bring copies of the rough draft of the Atlanta RC Club ByLaws to the April meeting. These were passed around so people could take them home if they chose to review them. It was decided that the ByLaws should be ready for voting into practice at the May meeting. It should also be noted that we now have our dot com address back in our possession after voting to go to the expense of getting it back. So we now have altrcclub.org and atlrcclub.com. Both go to the same web site.

We also discussed Members, Guests and Spectators. As an AMA Chartered Club Atlanta RC Club maintains an insurance certificate to insure the Club. This certificate covers AMA members and members of Atlanta RC Club. Members who are not listed on the member list on the bulletin board are not members of Atlanta RC Club. Non-members should be encouraged to join Atlanta RC Club and Share in the expenses we have in maintaining our insurance and amenities at the club. Guest Pilots must have a current AMA membership to fly at Atlanta RC Club and htey must be accompanied by a paying member of Atlanta RC Club. If a Guest would like to fly but does not have a chapparone, any member of the club should be able to provide a quick orientation of club rules and flight rules to that guest. Guest should not be left unattended and should not be the last persons to leave the field. Spectators should are welcome at Atlanta RC Club. Any spectators with children should be instructed to keep them close by for their safety. The gate code should not be shared with non-members, spectators or guests by preference of the club and Dekalb County. This is for our safety and to keep unwanted activities out of the park.

Our President Tim Neeland had an opportunity to touch base with Ayanna Williams of Park Pride and Dekalb County Commissioner Gannon at a recent gardening event. Both Commissioner Gannon and Ayanna confirmed that the PATH project going on around and in Entrenchment Creek Park is still in progress. They also expressed an interest in Community Gardening for Dekalb County Parks. This may be an opportunity to put even more of Entrenchment Creek Park to good use as a Community Garden if there is enough support from the surrounding Community. Lionel Forstall stood up and said he would be happy to attend any meetings or events with Dekalb County on behalf of our Club and Entrenchment Creek Park.


We discussed the importance of FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions. Every member is personally responsible for keeping track of when these TFRs take place. Bookmark this as it has the latest TFR information http://tfr.faa.gov/tfr2/list.html

It should be noted that anyone in violation of a FAA TFR will be banned from Atlanta RC Club. This is to be taken seriously as Federal Agents and the Secret Service take it very seriously and have been known to confiscate RC gear as well as jail and fines for the pilots in violation. 


During the May meeting we anticipate being able to vote on the new Club ByLaws. The ByLaws will be distributed via email and a couple of copies will be on the bulleting board for those who do not have email to review them. This is the first update in the past decade, so the rules are contemporized and updated to reflect the way we exist today. Be sure to attend the next meeting so you can cast your vote.

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