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Our next scheduled meeting will be held Jan 6, 2019 at the field. Among the usual business we will discuss the progress and news around the Blackhall Studios / Dekalb county land swap. 

Join us to learn about these exciting new developments. 

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Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
1600 Constitution Rd. Atlanta, GA 30316 www.atlrcclub.org
May 2012

Coming Events
June 3rd - Club Meeting 2:00 PM

May 2012 Happenings

At the May meeting we voted for our 2012 Board of Directors. We are proud to announce that Daniel Wood and Lionel Forstall accepted nominations and were voted to represent Atlanta RC Club on the 2012 Board of Directors. We also reviewed the updated Constitution and ByLaws that were unanimously voted into effect. The ByLaws are now posted on the web site under the Rules and ByLaws section of the web site. Vice President Wicki Mitchell is drafting the Letter of Intent that will be presented to the Board of Directors and Officers. The Letter of Intent will also be reviewed by a lawyer.


Membership is still growing. We get more and more interested parties coming out the the park and we are regaining some prior members that we haven't seen in a while. Put on a smile and introduce yourself to the new and returning members. If you are unsure if someone is a member, you will see a list of every club member along with their AMA number up on the bulletin board in the shed up by the runway as well as on the bulletin board down by the helicopter area.


During the June Meeting we anticipate the ability to review the Letter of Intent with the Board of Directors and proceed with filing it with the appropriate county officials. We also hope to announce new partnerships with charitable organizations that benefit the community.

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