2016 Welcome and Notes Print

2015 was a good year for Atlanta RC Club adding several new members. One highlight of the year was hosting the Westminster High School Physics class for two days of flight instruction, the event was a great success and will be repeated this year.  Although we did not sponsor any other flying events there is a strong desire among the membership to move forward with conducting at least one fun-fly this year, possibly more.  

We would like to publicly thank our officers from 2015 for their service:

  • President: Randolph Prather
  • Vice President: Johnny Monagan
  • Treasurer: Cleon Williams
  • Safety Officers: Dean Wise and Daniel Wood 

... and present your new officers for 2016

  • President: Randolph Prather
  • Vice President: Chris Moss
  • Treasurer/Secretary: David Churchill
  • Safety Officers: Dean Wise and Daniel Wood 

Please be sure to welcome our new officers and let them know if you have any questions. You can always email the club contact address >>here<< or look up individual officer contacts >>here<<.

We look forward to a prosperous and safe year of flying and service to the community.