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Next Club Meeting Date

Club meetings are held the First Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at the field unless otherwise noted here. Our next scheduled meeting will be held March 3, 2019 at the field. Among the usual business we will update the progress and news around the Blackhall Studios / Dekalb county land swap. Join us to learn about these exciting new developments. 


We realize that this is imposing a hardship on all of the active members, and for that, we apologize.  We felt it in the best interest of the club as this should give us enough funds to repair the cracks in the runway surface.  We are certain that the two weeks will go by quickly, and when over it should be perfect flying weather.  Consider spending this time to build some new planes, or get your proficiency up in the simulator.

In summary, please do not attempt to use the field from the 25th onward.  Note that the gate code will be changed during this period and the studio and the club officers will be the only ones with the code.  Once the use of the field is complete, I will send out another email.

NOTE: MEMBERS: DUES ARE DUE.  If you have already paid, please let the new treasurer know: Contact [email protected]

If you have not yet paid 2019 dues, please click the paypal link on the left, provide your current AMA membership number and membership level. 

February 2017 Meeting Minutes PDF Print E-mail

February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Randolph Prather on Sunday, 2/5/2017 @ 2:00 PM, 17 members present.

  • Elections:  The following were elected as officers for 2017:
    • President: Chris Moss
    • Vice President: Melvin Anderson
    • Secretary-Treasurer: David Churchill
    • Safety-Officer Fixed Wing: Dean Wise
    • Safety-Officer Rotary Wing: Mario Hudson

The club would like to express it's thanks to Randolph for his service this past 3 (I think) years, and to Chris, Melvin, David, Dean and Mario for their willingness to serve in the coming year.

  • Field Power: Cory Hitchcock addressed the club to discuss potentially bringing power to the field (Cory works for Georgia Power's parent company, Southern Company).  If accomplished the club would be responsible for a monthly power bill and potentially some equipment costs (breaker panel).  Melvin noted that we will first require permission from Dekalb county.  Melvin will get Cory in touch with a point of contact at Dekalb County and Cory will explore the feasibility from there.
  • Gate Code:  The gate code was changed, if have not received the new gate code it means that we don't have a record of your membership renewal and dues payment.  If you have paid your dues for 2017 and did not receive the new gate code, contact me and we'll get it straightened out.
  • Treasurer's Report:
    • Bank Of America:  
      • Beginning Balance - $2958.66, Ending Balance $4405.44
      • Debits:
        • 01/01/2017 -  Bank Service Fee   - $15.00 
        • 01/03/2017 - Kroger - Food - $18.05
        • 01/19/2017 -  Event Services - Porti-Potty -  - Check Card - $75.00 
        • 01/31/2017 - Go Daddy - .com domain renewal
      • Credits:
        • 01/12/2017 - Transfer from PayPal - $775.00
        • 01/26/2017 - Transfer from PayPal - $795.00
    • Pay Pal:
      • Beginning Balance - $291.155; Ending Balance - $119.44
      • Debits:
        • 01/12/2017 - Transfer to Bank of America - $775.00
        • 01/26/2017 - Transfer to Bank of America - $795.00
      • Credits:
        • Dues: $913.10 ($945 - $31.90 transaction fees)
        • Donations: $485.20 ($500 - $14.80 transaction fee)
    • Cash: 
      • Beginning Balance - $132.00; Ending Balance - $132.00
    • Total Club Balance: $4656.88