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Atlanta RC Club is a Proud Sponsor of Intrenchment Creek Park via the Park Pride Organization. Atlanta RC Club sits on part of the 70+ acres of this Dekalb County Park.

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Club meetings are held the First Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at the field unless otherwise noted here.

The February 2018 meeting has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th,2018 @ 2 PM at the field.

April 2009 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club

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April 2009


Coming Events

May 3rd - Club meeting at 12:00


April Meeting

Because the weather report for the April meeting was pretty poor the turn out was not very good. There were times that even the people that were there thought about leaving. However, although the sky was very overcast the winds were ok and a lot of flying was done by those that came.

The meeting began with the Secretary/Treasures report. As of the writing of this newsletter we currently have 40 members. This is ok for this time of the year but we must continue to grow.

As proposed in the last newsletter we had a discussion about putting a sales area on our web page to include adds from people outside the club. After vigorous debate it was turned down because of liability issues.

Meeting with the Dekalb County Parks Department

On Saturday April 4th Leslie Gelbaum, Rob Setili, Marvin Durden and John Novak had a productive meeting at the field with the Deputy Director of the Dekalb Parks Department and his associate. This meeting was extremely helpful in defining how the club fits into the Master Plan for Entrenchment Creek. Rob Setili sent out an email to the club outlining some of the things that were discussed at this meeting. The county was very impressed with the fact that the club had been at the field for over 40 years and has maintained the property in such a fantastic manner. We indicated that we used club dues for all of the maintenance and upkeep. They indicated that it is appropriate and necessary that we continue to have a dues structure for all members of the club. We discussed having the County assist us with the upkeep and they said they would discuss this with the appropriate groups in the county to see what assistance we could get. As of the meeting they agreed to bush hog the field. They also agreed to set up a formal written agreement with the club. We mentioned that other local clubs had such written agreements. The County people knew the parks department personnel at the other counties and would contact them to see how these other agreements are structured. There will have to be a public presentation by the club at the Master Planning meeting. This should take place in about six months. During this presentation we will be able to discuss plans for field upgrades including cutting trees, extending the runway and putting in power to the field.

One thing that was extremely important was a club - county educational partnership. They clearly see a role for the club in the education of the youth of the county about aviation. We had discussed boy scouts and cub packs that had come to the field and the heli fun fly and they were very excited about this and wanted us to continue these events. They indicated that they would be happy to put any of these events on the county schedule. To help this along Rob Setili made up a sign up sheet to get helpers for three upcoming events. Please help the club and sign up to do whatever you can.

Lock Combination

The lock combination was changed after the April meeting. Only fully paid members as of that date received the combination by phone. If you did not get a call and you want the combination you must pay your dues. Remember a dues of $60 works out to $5/month. I believe that most of us pay more in gas getting to the field and fuel for our aircraft than this. The county pointed out that everyone that uses the field must continue to pay these dues. So renew your membership as soon as possible and encourage any other flyer that you know to also join the club.


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