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Happy Landings

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May 2009


Coming Events

June 7th - Club meeting at 12:00
July 4h - Independence Day
July 12th - Club Meeting at 12:00


May Meeting

The turnout for the May meeting was pretty low. It seems to me that most of the members that now come to the meetings are Helicopter pilots. If the members that fly planes want to have some input into the club I suggest that they come to the meetings and bring suggestions about how to they would like to improve the club and the field.

As of the time of the meeting there were no new or renewing members. However, I have learned that a number of people are considering joining including one family membership. If you have not already done so please send in your dues so that you can have a wonderful summer of fun and excitement at the Atlanta RC Club.

We do not as yet have anyone to lead the Youth flying event. This event is extremely important to the future of the club. Remember the County is relying on us to educate the young people of the county about flying so we need some people to step up to the plate and help out. Kip Laurie, who did an outstanding job with the Heli fun fly has volunteered to discuss how he got last years event organized. People that are interested in working on these events should contact him for help.

We discussed having a heli instructor similar to the one we have for planes. It was decided that it was impossible to use a buddy box with heli’s and most people learn on simulators so that an instructor was not needed.
It was mentioned that many people have contacted the club trying to find out how to join. Rob Setili said that we should add a section on the web page with detailed instructions on becoming a member. We are working on that now.

Rob Setili had a fire when one of his LiPo batteries went off. This made a spectacular fire that you can see on the web page. Please carefully check your LiPo batteries to be sure that they are in good condition before you charge or use them. Because of this exciting event we voted to buy new and additional  fire extinguishers for the field.
There was a lengthy discussion about having R/C cars in the club. This was voted down on safety and space issues.

July Club Meeting

Since the July club meeting falls on the July 4th holiday weekend I have decided to move this meeting to July 12th. Please mark your calender so you don’t show up at the field on the wrong day and miss the meeting on July 12th.

Pictures for the Newsletter

I am running out of pictures for the Newsletter. I am sure that many of you have some beautiful aircraft that you would like to show off. Please send me your pictures and I will try and include them.

Below is a picture of the Jester that Mike Dailey has donated to help the club. It is for sale together with a Big Stick 40 also from Mike Dailey. More information on these beautiful models  in the next newsletter.


Jester Airplane



Be Courteous Call out

Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Last one out lock the gate!