SpazStix Paint Print

It's been a while since I've done a post, so I thought I'd fill in with my latest find. I found some paint at the local hobby store called "SpazStix" The best way to describe it is almost opalescent, but it goes over a black base. Laying down the coats makes you think initially that the paint is doing nothing until it starts to build up. The picture below barely does this Trex 450 Canopy justice. The pic was also shot before the addition of clear coat.


SpazStix paint


The small can of the paint was $12 and seemed adequate to cover a 450 canopy. This variant was called "Purple, Teal, Orange". It looks like it is on fire and changes color depending on the angle it is viewed from. Keep in mind this is a coat of black paint, then the SpazStix paint over the black. This is not a multiple paint fade. It is the color is from 1 can! Now I'm curious to see how it will look in the air, or just how visible it will be.

Here is the web site showing some of the SpazStix paint variants: go to SpazStix web site

Until next time... Cheers!