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Happy Landings

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June 2009


Coming Events
July 4h - Independence Day
July 12th - Club Meeting at 12:00

July Meeting Date Changed
As pointed out in the last newsletter I have decided to change the Date of the July Meeting from July 5th to July 12th. I have done this so that those that will be out of town on July 4th will have the opportunity to attend the July meeting. We always have lively discussions and it is best to have the most members there. Please put this date change on your calendars.

June Meeting

I was not at the June meeting but instead hiking in Yosemite National Park. I was told by Tim Neeland,
the Vice President, that the people that did attend the meeting voted to enjoy the beautiful weather and just fly their aircraft.


Les at Yosemite


I received an email from a former member of the club thanking me for sending him the newsletter. He said that it reminded him to renew his membership. If you have not renewed your membership please do so as soon a possible. Although it is hot, this is a great time of the year to fly, so join up and come enjoy the fun.

Models for Sale

In the last newsletter I reminded you that Mike Dailey had donated two outstanding models. I am not into the eBay or Craigslist stuff so they have just been sitting in my basement. It is time to sell them and help the club with the money that we get from these sales. Below are pictures of these terrific ARF models that were put together and flown by a truly outstanding modeler and are in pristine condition.


Big Stick 40



The first is a Great Planes Big Stick 40. This model has no radio gear or engine. The listed price at Tower Hobbies for the ARF kit is $150. Since it is totally assembled and proven air worthy I believe that it is worth $125.

Jester Airplane

The second plane is a Lanier Jester 60 size plane. This also comes without radio or Engine. However, it does come with plans, a second set of wings, canopy and other parts. I believe that this is worth $100. I think that we can sell the pair for $200. Purchasing these models is a great way to help the club and getting some wonderful aircraft at the same time. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing these models.


Be Courteous Call out

Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Last one out lock the gate!