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September 2009


Coming Events

October 4th - Club Meeting at 12:00

September Meeting

Although the weather was very nice and we had changed the meeting date to not conflict with the Labor Day holiday we only had 10 members present for the September meeting. Rob Setili pointed out that we now have 58 members which is almost the same as we had last year. Lets try and get a better turn out for our meetings.

We had some more discussion about the club rules for flying both planes and helicopters. We still have not yet work out the fine details but we are getting close.

Over the past few years we have had Tim Neeland as our only instructor. He has done a wonderful job but I felt that he needed some help. I asked at the meeting if we could get some volunteers to help Tim with the instructor duties. Fortunately both Anton Young and Jeff Weeber have volunteered to help. If you see them at the field please thank them for doing this extremely important job.

Helicopter Fun Fly

Here is a report from Kip Laurie about the Heli Fun Fly
The 2009 Heli-Fly was, in a word, a "washout" but still a success for the club. The event was to begin at 9AM and the rain began at 9:15. The rain did not let up for even one minute until after 4PM. We had a dozen or so faithful flyers who waited around for 7+ hours for even a few minutes of flying if the rain ever stopped but it did not. I got so desperate that I took to the rainy skies in my F-16. Many spectators enjoyed the flight and were happy to see SOMETHING take to the air (or at least they wanted to see IF it would fly).

The highlight turned out to be a great raffle. We had gallons of fuel, toy helicopters, hobby shop gift certificates, and a Blade MSr micro heli that everyone wanted. Turns out the MSr went home with a father and son that stayed all day to fly but could not. I was happy to see them go home as winners. The raffle proceeds allowed us to make some money for this event and since we have a steadily declining bank balance the value of the raffle was huge. Rob Setili was a remarkable ticket salesman.

Luckily we had a virtual restaurant on site that fired up early to provide some great food. Many thanks to Alex and Wiki for all of their efforts in buying the food, printing the signs, and taking care of many other details. And thanks to our executive chef John Novak who remained optimistic and help keep everyone upbeat all day. I should mention that the three folks mentioned above dealt with lot's of mud in making this event happen so that's worth another thanks...!

A special thanks goes to Jimmy Blackmore for providing hundreds of dollars worth of raffle prizes for the club. He did this only out of kindness and had no ties to a hobby business! Such a gesture is unheard of these days and there was talk of making him an honorary member if he is not already. We will discuss this at the next meeting.

We have a new a first-aid kit, tickets, yellow boundary tape all available for the next fun-fly that is all paid for which is another plus. We still have the trophies, too. They are labeled "2009" so perhaps we can try again before the year is out or, we can try to change the label. In any case, they are paid for!

As noted by others, we had a great turn-out for one of the worst days of the year to fly. This event could be huge. Myself and the other heli flyers will try to build on this experience for something really special in the future.

Regards, Kip Laurie


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