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October 2009


Coming Events

November 1st - Club Meeting at 12:00
December 6th - Club Elections
January 1st - Chili Fly

October Meeting

I was unable to attend the October meeting. The meeting was lead by Rob Setili. Here is a synopsis of the report that he sent to me about this meeting.

We discussed the heli fun fly from which we were able to deposited the net proceeds of $144 despite constant rain. Everyone applauded Kip and Jimmy for creating the raffle, and also Alex and his wife for running the food tent. We also have 2-3 meetings worth of food saved from the fun fly, which is worth another $60-100. (We had leftover burgers & dogs today).

Regarding the airspace discussion, we had more opinions aired today.

We seemed to reach a consensus on:

1. The line from the airplane pits to the tower seems to work well as the airplane airspace. LIMIT. (Planes should attempt to stay North of runway except when landing)

2. The Shared Airspace area in the NE corner seems OK with almost all of airplane & heli pilots present. Helis will attempt to minimize the use of this shared area when planes are flying. Neither craft has "right of way". All must "see and avoid". Spotters are highly recommended when both are flying!

3. Both Heli & Airplane people wanted a larger "SAFE PIT AREA" respected by the other side.

The Airplane people suggested a new "No fly buffer zone" expanding the airplane pit area to the South East (toward the heli pit) when both planes & helis are in the air. This is because the plane pilots back is to the helis, so 3D & intense heli flying needs to be kept further away from the plane pits than just the old heli net. All eventually agreed, and cones were laid out for both sides to test this new No fly safe area.

4. If we can cut some trees down in the North East corner, by the pipeline, this would give planes a lot more options to descend in various landing patterns while staying further away from the heli pit & heli flying area. On the overhead map, you can see the trees interfere with a logical airplane landing pattern that attempts to stay NORTH of the runway.

Upcoming Elections

At the November meeting we will need to nominate new officers for the club. The open positions will be President, Vice President, Secretary /Treasurer, Safety Captain and Newsletter Editor. Please volunteer for one of these important jobs. The club cannot operate without officers.

Parking Area

Please park your cars in the parking area and not in the pits. All areas north of the flags are in the pits. This is an unsafe area both for your vehicle and for the pilots. You can use this area for unloading and loading but please return your car to the parking area while you are flying.


Now is a great time to start paying your dues for 2010. If you can, please fill out a new membership form and send it along with a check and a copy of your 2010 AMA card to the address at the top of this newsletter.



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