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Park Pride

Atlanta RC Club is a Proud Sponsor of Intrenchment Creek Park via the Park Pride Organization. Atlanta RC Club sits on part of the 70+ acres of this Dekalb County Park.

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Club meetings are held the First Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at the field unless otherwise noted here.

The February 2018 meeting has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th,2018 @ 2 PM at the field.

Atlanta RC Flight Zone RULES PDF Print E-mail

These rules were voted on and ADOPTED after 4 months of discussion, in November 2009.
 Please fly safe and respect these guidelines.


Protected PIT Areas: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should either helicopters or airplanes intentionally fly over any pit area, the shelter or the parking area. This is true if the pit areas are OCCUPIED OR NOT.

Fixed Wing Aircraft: All fixed wing powered aircraft must fly north of a line going east to west from the safety fence in front of the pit area and parallel to the runway. Only during a landing approach may a pilot fly closer to the Helicopter area, but only up to a line connecting the Airplane pit area to the Radio Tower at the east end of the field. This requires that all landing approaches going from the east to the west be made with a right hand turn.

Helicopters generally fly North of the two Helicopter tables by the woods, while staying South of the physical paved runway. Helicopter flyers must also limit flying toward the parking lot and aircraft pit areas. While flying to the west (toward Downtown Atlanta) the helicopter flight zone ends along a line that extends from the east end of the runway to the old helicopter safety net and then to the park lot. The “old helicopter area” near the runway shall only be used for hover practice and all helicopter pilots should avoid flying over the runway.

Shared Zone: There is a zone where both airplanes and helicopters are both permitted. This zone begins approximately 150 feet EAST of the end of the runway, and extends to the East to the tree line. When both airplanes and helicopters are flying, it is recommended that ALL pilots flying in the intersection zone use “spotters” to give them advanced warning. Everyone must practice the rule “see and avoid”. Helicopters will attempt to minimize the time they spend in the intersections zone when airplanes are using it (especially when wind is out of the West, and airplanes are landing).