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Atlanta RC Club is a Proud Sponsor of Intrenchment Creek Park via the Park Pride Organization. Atlanta RC Club sits on part of the 70+ acres of this Dekalb County Park.

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Club meetings are held the First Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at the field unless otherwise noted here.

The February 2018 meeting has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th,2018 @ 2 PM at the field.

April-May 2010 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club

1286 Oakdale Road NE Atlanta, GA 30307 www.atlrcclub.org

April-May 2010

Coming Events
June 13th - Club Meeting 12:00 PM

Foreword from the Editor
Tight Schedules

Dear members, 
After my schedule got so screwed up with work (I think at some point I worked all hours of a month in under two weeks) I realized too late, that the April Issue of the Newsletter had fallen victim to those circumstances and for that I apologize.

Still I don't want to hold back any information vital to know for our members, so I decided to combine everything in this Month's Copy.

From the Safety Department
The season is about to start, HEADS  UP!

Get your stuff in order and all checked out for the upcoming summer so nobody has to encounter any surprises with their equipment, because it decides to come apart in mid-air.

Use common sense and make sure your Plane / Heli is in tip-top shape before you go up. Even better: Have somebody else look it over. Four eyes see more than only two. Make sure your batteries didn't suffer from long storage. Servo Horns are still in good shape and don't show any sign of wear or tear.

Check double-sided tape used to mount components (Gyros on Helis e.g.) and replace it, if it shows signs of weakness.
The adhesive side of  Velcro-Tape sometimes starts to loosen up after a while.
Mike O'Rourke is your contact when it comes to safety related questions.

What's going on around our Field?

At the march meeting we had several suggestions about the web site's Paypal Feature that lets members renew or new people join Atlanta RC Club.

A discussion came up about legal situations, since in the past we had new/renewing Members fill out an application form and also sign it, in order to bind them to the AMA's Regulations and also to the Club's rules and bylaws. This was not the case when somebody used that new Paypal feature.
The decision was made that we will add verbiage to the web site, that states, that if somebody choses to join the Club or renew his Membership, by clicking on the Paypal “Pay Now” button she/he agrees to all the above which is perfectly legal, since every online store does this with their terms and conditions.

There will also be a field where the new/renewing Member can input her/his phone number. The explanation for this will be, that the Club's Officers need a way to contact people, especially when it comes to passing on the gate code. We will not disclose this information to anybody and it will not be used in any other event.
On to some improvements made or soon to come to our Field: 
The grass has been cut for the first time of the season. It was further agreed on with Anton, that grass cutting can take place any day except Sunday mornings. He will contact Alex for an appointment.

The Heli Barrier has been approved by the Club Members at the May Meeting. Netting for the Barrier is still under the Shelter. Once all the other necessary material comes in (poles, concrete) we will proceed with installing it. The location, as was discussed after the meeting  
between Heli Pilot and everybody present at that time, will be between the tables and the Flight Line. It was proposed, the Heli Barrier having some kind of split as a walk-through in the middle. Furthermore should it be far enough away from the tables to provide enough space to walk with a 90-Size helicopter to avoid damaging other models “parked” on the tables.
In one of the last Meetings, it came up that the driveway needed to be graded and some wash-outs needed filling with Gravel. Dennis said he had to delay it for now, but will get to it soon.

Ron Stancil has volunteered to get an update on who we should contact with the Parks and Recreation Department for Dekalb county pertaining to our use of the field.
Alex will take the lead on getting in communications with the DeKalb County Police Department. We want to start a relationship with the Precinct and maybe get some Officers within the ranks of our club (maybe as a Security Officer). A proposal has been made to get flyers / postcards into the local Precinct to see, if any Officers would be interested in flying at our field. Chances are, that there are already some RC Flyers amongst them, or some who are interested in the hobby and just need a little push to get started.

Future Plans and Events, or: How to attract more Members

Former President Les had the Scouts out at the Field May 16th. I have not received any feedback yet on what the response was from the kids. As soon as I have more information and maybe pictures, there will be a dedicated article in the Newsletter.
This year's Heli Fun Fly is taking shape. The proposed Date is June 26th (now postponed due the Mid America Fun Fly on the same weekend) with a kick-off at 9:00am. Alex will organize the Event this year. He also will be producing the Flyers in Postcard Format for the Fun-Fly.

Alex' Wife Wicki is more than happy to run the food tent again. Any other help by volunteers during the event is greatly appreciated, Just let Alex know in time, that you are willing to pitch in.
Anybody who wants to help spreading the word and the Flyers, is welcome to it. Since we try to attract new Members also, Locations for the Flyer are not limited to Hobby Shops alone. Even the local Barber-Shop, Schools, the Mini-Mart around the corner are perfect for this.

Please let Alex know, who is willing to help with distribution of the Flyers, so you can get your stash. As for the organization of the event itself, Alex will seek  Advice from Kip, who organized the last two Events, but is unavailable for this year.
Caleb Phillipps added that he can talk to some of the sponsored Cobb County Pilots and see, if they are willing to come by and fly at our Fun-Fly.

At our first Event we had guests like Matt Botos, Art Hughes and Evan Ritchie among the Pilots. Heli Pilots and Visitors alike were amazed by the demonstrated skill and precision. If we could get only one of these gentlemen to attend our Fun Fly this year, that would be the icing on the cake, making the Event truly spectacular and memorable to everybody.

There is a new Hobby Shop in the Chamblee area called Mike's RC. There was a gross interest amongst the attendees of the April Meeting, so that we suggested adding a link to Mike's RC on our web site. Alex said that he will communicate with Mike to see, if he would be interested in participating in our Fun Fly this year.

President’s note

Everything done at Atlanta RC Club is by VOLUNTEERS! And we have a lot of them. What would you like to see, and what can you help with?

Thanks to all our volunteers that have made all these helpful contributions in the last two months:  Designed & Printed Professional Airspace Rule Signs!, Re-Graded the Driveway, Taken out the trash, Picked up trash, Purchased Straw and grass seed and spread it around muddy areas, Contacted Henry County RC President & CCRC President to get ideas on County contracts and other club improvement ideas, Replaced our windsock, Purchased New Orange Cones for a safe Heli flight line, We are improving relations with our local Police.  We are meeting with PATH officials to ensure the new bike path is in a safe and workable location.  A LOT IS GOING ON!  Be a part of it!!  A helicopter fun fly is coming soon, and we/d all like to see an Airplane fun fly as well.  Probably we should build an airplane work table or two. Who's got the tools? Let's volunteer and get it going.  What would you like to see? Together we can volunteer and commit and make it happen.
- Rob


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