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June-July 2010

Coming Events
September 5th - Club Meeting 12:00 PM
Saturday August 21st – Heli Fun-Fly

Treasurer's Report as of July 2010

The available balance in the Club's Bank Account as of July 4th 2010 was $3,068.03. Expenses within those two months were, on top of the usual (cutting grass, pumping port-a-potty, reimbursing Tim for the Food during our Meetings), the new Signage that states the rules about guns, drugs and people under the influence of drugs/alcohol.
A few new chairs have been purchased as well.

Our roster reflects that we have 55 paying Members, the June Meeting was attended by 19 Members, the July Meeting however only by 17 Members.

Want to change something in your Club? Come out and make yourself heard!

Recap of the Meeting with County Commissioner and Green Space Manager

The top Item on the Agenda for the July Meeting was the recap and future action plans regarding Intrenchment Creek Park (the Green Space that our Flying Field is located on). We've been learning from and working with Greenspace Manager Dave Butler and County Commissioner Kathie Gannon, who both visited recently.

We now have a better understanding what the goals of the County are and we have been working to communicate and demonstrate how we use the space productively and safely as a recreational and educational site. With the help of National AMA expertise, Rob drafted a proposal for continued safe RC operations based on the topography and 40 years of experience at this particular site. The proposal includes a 700' offset from three key waypoints (the runway ends and heli base), and includes tree buffers and spectator side offsets for trail access and routing near our flying site.

We will post those in the News-Section of the Website, so everybody can have a look at what we're proposing. The communications between ATLRCC and the County are ongoing after the visit and we think everyone involved is working toward a win-win.
We also communicated some potential club improvements, and were encouraged that some improvements should be in the long-term plan.
Dave Butler spent time with Tim Neeland on the buddy box, and clearly appreciated the experience. This is a good way to let folks experience how much practice it takes to keep the aircraft under control at all times. This would be a great experience for the future Intrenchment Creek park engineers, project managers, and horse trail representatives.

In the first half of September there should be a meeting hosted by the county with both Horse trail representatives and representatives of our club.

People we're trying to get to visit our club and see how we fly include:

  • Horse Riding Enthusiasts who want trails in our shared Greenspace area
  • Planning Engineers
  • County Commissioners

Our goal is to get to know and show all the other stakeholders how we have been using (and taking care of) this property, and help to find win-win solutions to make our greenspace better in the future. Safety is a top priority, and if we design the trails right the first time, we should all be happy for many years to come.
We are waiting for a new county engineer to be assigned to the horse trail project. Dave Butler will introduce Rob to Ed Venson in the near future (or he already did). Ed is the Park Operations General Manager, who will be responsible for Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for the Park.

Heli Fun-Fly

Alex is going to be the Host of this year's Heli Fun-Fly with instructional support of Kip Laurie (whenever necessary). He said that his Wife Wicki and Tim Neeland will run the Food Tent again and that he's on the look-out for volunteers to make this all happen without a flaw, with very little effort and maximum turn-out for the Club.

One thing to do now is to nail down a date.

Proposed dates were:
Last Week of July or first week of August
Late in August to allow for the weather to cool down a bit (21st or 28th of August)

It was agreed on August 21st to be the Date for the Heli Fun-Fly and the 28th to be the Rain-Date in case the weather is not cooperative (like last year).

Again – The Event is still in need of Volunteers to help and do things as simple as pointing to flying areas, the Food Tent and/or the Port-a-Potty, or distribute Flyers to local Stores, Schools etc. (Talk to Alex for more info).

As far as the Plane Fun-Fly concerns, we're still lacking someone who wants to throw the show.
Alex offered to take the publishing work (printing Flyers/Banners etc.) into his hands.
Alex’ Wife Wicki will run the Chuckwagon again. So the Host is left with very little effort to make the Plane Fun-Fly a Success. Talk to Rob, Kip or Alex for information about what's necessary to host the Plane Fun-Fly.
Plane People, here's your chance to get Fixed Wing Aircraft noticed!

Everybody knows we have very beautiful Scale Airplanes in our Club that are capable of wowing onlookers young and old alike. We have the Pilots that can fly them accordingly so they don't just look good on the ground.
This concluded the July 4th Meeting and so it was adjourned by Rob at 12:40pm

Our respects to Mr. George E. Wallace 4/1/1927 - 7/7/2010

Mr. George E. Wallace age 83 of Atlanta, passed away Wednesday, July 7, 2010. Funeral services will be held 1:00 P.M. Friday at the Carmichael Funeral Home Chapel in Smyrna with Dr. Steve Kimmel officiating.  Burial will be in the Crest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Atlanta. Mr. Wallace was employed as an Inspector for General Motors in Doraville for 34 years before retiring in 1988. He served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He was Baptist.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Wallace and his family.



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