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August-September 2010

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October 3rd - Club Meeting 12:00 PM

Treasurer's Report as of July 2010

The available balance in the Club's Bank Account as of September 5th 2010 was $2394.18. Expenses within those two months were, on top of the usual (cutting grass, pumping port-a-potty, reimbursing Tim for the Food during our Meetings). We also had some light expenditures for supplies for the fun fly. Many donations were made to offset a large part of the costs involved in the Heli Fun Fly.

Our roster reflects that we have 55 paying Members, the August Meeting was attended by 15 Members, the September Meeting however only by 13 Members (12 Members and 1 Guest).

Want to change something in your Club? Come out and make yourself heard!

Recap of the Heli Fun-Fly

The weather started out looking pretty rough, but as the day progressed so did the turnout. We estimate roughly 50 to 75 people showed up to spectate and or fly. We had attendees from as far away as Savannah. Fun was had by all ages and we even gained a few new members. We raffled off 2 gallons of fuel, a Spartan gyro, and 2 HobbyTown USA gift certificates. We intend to try and host at least 2 events in 2011. See our GALLERY for more pics of the fun fly.

We made money this time around that will help us enhance the club in the future. Details are below.

  • 21 registered pilot took part
  • approx. 20 people attended
  • expenses were $340.74 in total
  • gross intake was $613.20

Alex and Wicki donated $120 back to the Club account due to over purchased food.
Our profit turned out to be $385.53.
Donations for raffle prizes from club members and outsiders made up approx. $500.

One thing that was not such a big surprise is that Matt Botos won almost ALL the trophies.
He returned graciously them at the end of the event so we could use them for future events. Great gesture, Thanks Matt!

Final bank balance as of the day of the meeting was $2394.18

Dennis mentioned the difference between a Fun-Fly and a Fly-In.
A Fun-Fly is competition-oriented (Autorotation Spot Landing, Best Crash etc.)
whereas a Fly-In is a gathering of Pilots "just for fun". Giant Scale, Scale and Aerobatics are also welcome)

County Officials Meeting update:

Next meeting with the county officials was scheduled for Thursday following the club meeting.



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