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Park Pride

Atlanta RC Club is a Proud Sponsor of Intrenchment Creek Park via the Park Pride Organization. Atlanta RC Club sits on part of the 70+ acres of this Dekalb County Park.

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The February 2018 meeting has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th,2018 @ 2 PM at the field.

July 2011 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail


Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club

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July 2011

Coming Events
August 7th - Club Meeting 12:00 PM

Club Happenings

It has been a while since we have published a newsletter and a lot has happened over the past few months. We have developed relationships with Dekalb County Officials and Park Officials that are sure to help us reach our goals for community outreach as well as maintaining the park we occupy known as Intrenchement Creek Park. We are now officially a "Friend of Intrenchment Creek Park" registered with Park Pride.

Park Prideis a nonprofit organization that works with communities all over Atlanta to improve their parks. They partner with more than 60 Friends of the Park Groups, they help communities get engaged through volunteer projects, community gardens, community-led park redesign and by receiving grant for their parks. Our new Park Pride Group, "Friends of Intrenchment Creek Park" will expand to include both the Atlanta RC Club stakeholders, and other user groups & stakeholders of Intrenchment creek park as they are identified. Atlanta RC Club has taken part in community events and maintenance of the area we occupy for years. We hope this new alliance will bring more engagement with the surrounding community and allow us to also improve the park in the future.

South River Trail and PATH Foundation

intrenchmentDekalb County and PATH Foundation is in the process of building a trailhead to the East of the area Atlanta RC Club occupies. The trail will go northward from the Trail Head up into the 70+ acres of Intrenchment Creek Park and extends all the way to the Monestary in Conyers. See the drawing to the right that shows the Eastern quadrant of Intrenchment Creek Park. The trail lies around 700+ feet away from key points of our runway and heli flight stations, or no closer than a 50 foot tree buffer to protect hikers and cyclists on the trail. This was agreed upon as a "Safe Distance" from our fliying areas by Dekalb County Parks Officials, Engineers, Our Regional AMA representative as well as the Atlanta RC Club Board of Directors. More information can be found on the segment of the trail and trailhead found on the PATH Foundation Web site. >Click here for more info<

The Tunnel that connects the Intrenchment Creek Park trail under Bouldercrest Road is about to go under construction and the dotted portion of the trail seen in the image to the right is in the process of clearing as of this writing. We are excited to have new spectators and visitors this trail may bring and we are very pleased with PATH as well as Dekalb County's cooperation in regards to safety boundaries around our flying area.

Atlanta RC Club "Kids Day"

We recently held the Atlanta RC Club "Kids Day" at our RC field. Willie Watkins was the event host that organized and advertised the event. We had around 50 to 60 people in Attendance. We will be having at least 1 more Kids Day events this year, so stay tuned and come join in the fun. Ayanna Williams the Park Pride Director of Community Building Programs, and Corrin Wagnon assistant to Dekalb County Commissioner Kathie Gannon were also in attendance with members of their families. Despite a few sprinkling rains a couple of times everyone had an outstanding time. Visiting children and their guardians were offered food, snacks and drinks donated by Willie Watkins and Alex Mitchell. Tim Neeland and Wicki Mitchell ran the food tent. Every attending Club member helped set up and put on our show for our spectators. Some excited children had the opportunity to fly the club trainer with Tim Neeland to experience the miracle of flight first hand. Others were interested in flying the simulator to check out planes and helicopters with Jimmy Blackmore's  laptop and transmitter. Our Safety Officer Mike O'Rourke captured many of the moments with his camera which we have posted in our gallery. Thanks to all volunteers and attendees for making this a great event worth repeating. Click the photo below to see the Gallery.


Runway Repairs

We took a shot at repairing cracks in the runway ourselves. Treasurer Alex Mitchell did did a test with a product after the June meeting vote to try the materials known as Crack-Stix. While seemingly worked well, it looked like it would take about 1 hour for every 10 feet of cracks in the runway. We started to look for a faster/better solution. President Rob Setili met with a man at Old Fourth Ward Park that is a life-long crack repair and sealing professional that was interested in quoting our runway. Alex Met with Mr. Gerald Little and was given a quote of $850.00 which the club voted to move forward with the repairs in the July meeting. Mr. Little will be repairing the cracks only and our members are responsible for killing off weeds in the cracks and removing those weeds. All cracks were shot with Round-Up weed killer Sunday July 17th. We need volunteers to show up with flat nosed shovels or weed torches to remove the dead weeds soon.

Club To Do List

1. Get written quote(s) for running electrical to 2 end-points. (Dennis Creery)

a. How far can Ga Power Go?
b. How much to get licensed electrical run from meter to 2 points?

UPDATE: Need physical address for GA Power. This may require a mailing address, which does not exist for the parcel of land we are on. 

2. Get written quote(s) for Runway Paving options.  (Garey, Dennis)

UPDATE:  (Thanks Garey!!) Stockbridge paving company (Jackie Moss) Grading & Paving, CR stone & 1.25" asphalt, 544 sq ids: $5603.

Gene & Fulton Paving:  Remove 4", add 2" crusher rock, 2" asphalt, 4,900 sq ft: $13,369 

3. Get written quotes/ prices for larger shed, possibly close to runway (Randolph)

a. Pre-fab shelter with concrete base?
b. Sketch for additional wooden shed?
UPDATE: Randolph informed us there are steel structures available between $600 and $800 each for 12'x20'. This is without a concrete pad underneath.

4. Replace windsocks that are torn (Alex)

UPDATE: We can replace just the fabric portion of the socks to save money. Alex was unable to get to the socks but eyed one sock at 3" diameter and the larger 8" in diameter. will try to get accurate measures next time at the field.

5. Pursue affordable crack filling on our runway (Alex/ Rob/ Others) Propane method involves a LOT of time!  But looks like a solid seal.  Also challenging to get LEVEL with top of runway.

UPDATE: This was voted on in the July meeting and we are proceeding. Club members are needed to remove dead grass and weed debris from cracks in the runway with flat nosed shovels or weed torches. We (ATLRC Members) will most likely need to seal over the whole runway later in the year with a roll-on or mop on sealant to retain the longevity of the crack repairs.

Agenda with Park Pride

It is important that we have what will be called our "Dekalb County Park Long-Range Plan". Ayanna of Park Pride has suggested we gather information on:

a. The history of Atlanta Radio Control Club and our Future vision documented on paper for review by key county officials.

b. A prioritized Park Improvement list with quotes for each proposed project

c. Get Park Pride awareness and input regarding current projects and activity with PATH & Horse Trails (UPDATE - we have and think this is moving in a positive direction)

d. Address types of fundraising that can be done for Park improvements

e. Get more involved with our surrounding Community. (UPDATE - Kids Day was a fantastic event. There are more event coming up this year including 2 fun fly events)

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