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For the latest info on Temporary Flight Restrictions in you area visit the FAA TFR Site here.

Park Pride

Atlanta RC Club is a Proud Sponsor of Intrenchment Creek Park via the Park Pride Organization. Atlanta RC Club sits on part of the 70+ acres of this Dekalb County Park.

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Next Club Meeting Date

Club meetings are held the First Sunday of each month at 2:00pm at the field unless otherwise noted here.

The February 2018 meeting has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather.  The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th,2018 @ 2 PM at the field.

September 2011 Newsletter PDF Print E-mail

Happy Landings

Official Publication of the Atlanta Radio Control Club
1286 Oakdale Road NE Atlanta, GA 30307 www.atlrcclub.org
September 2011

Coming Events
October 2nd - Club Meeting 12:00 PM

Club Happenings

The FBI requests that we monitor suspicious activity in our hobby and at our club. If you see any suspicious activities contact the FBI at 1-877-428-5324.

Some of the top things to look out for:

  • Demonstrating unusual interest in remote-controlled aircraft.
  • Demonstrating interest that does not seem genuine Inquiring about remote controls and model aircraft payload capacity and maximum range.
  • Inquiring about learning to fly expensive giant-scale aircraft without first learning to fly small-scale aircraft.
  • Possessing little knowledge of activity for which the purchase is intended.

>> Click here for a full list of suspicious activities <<

Our agenda

Top Improvement Project work (to submit to Park Pride, County, propose some shared cost & some our job, need written quotes & work descriptions)

Runway Maintenance:

1. We voted NOT to spend $2500-3500 to totally resurface (coal tar) the runway in the next 18 months, as we will get a quote, and urge the county to help us with this one. Give them some time to work us in.
2. We WILL authorize up to $100 TEST CRACK FIX PROJECTS to any member willing to lead further crack fixing (assuming they USE the materials they purchase to fix our cracks)

Electricity: We NEED to meet with a GEORGIA POWER engineer ON SITE to get quotes (initial cost & monthly minimum billl amount) & show locations, etc. Rob will ask PATH's Jonathan if there is a potential tie in with PATH trail.

Process to prioritize our top improvement projects: As soon as we have clear sketches, descriptions & TOTAL cost estimates on paper, we will VOTE at a PRE ANNOUNCED club meeting what the priorities are. (runway extension, shade structures at runway, electricity project)

Shade: We need from more specifics for Randolph. Number of buildings to buy, WHERE they would go (stake the ground?) Other costs? (footings, etc.) draw on google map to show the county the location. Confirm with AMA that the location is considered safe. Ron Stancil volunteered to research Morgan Buildings.

Runway Extension: Wood plans to get a quote on full preparation & crush & Run installation as lower cost runway extension.

Events: Airplane Fun fly Heli fun fly (10/8?) ANNOUNCE to world!! Ask hobby shops for donations, gift certs, matching gift certs? (1/2 price if spend > $100) Ready Heli Alison Hobby, Hobby Shop Stockbridge, Hobby Town Gwinnet, Hobby Town Kennesaw, Atlanta Hobby Cliff

PATH Trail:
Project Manager is now planning to run trail along our 700' safety radius for several hundred feet, so the trail will cross the pipeline right of way on our side of the big hill on the pipeline road. Trail might be delayed due to recent FUNDING of MULTIPLE higher priority PATH paved trails in atlanta (see Path website News). One of these newly funded trails will result in our Atlanta RC trail going from our parking lot all the way to Perimeter college (along the south river) in the fairly near future.

Be Courteous Call out

Taking Off Landing Dead Stick

Please pick up after yourself and use the provided trash cans

Last one out lock the gate!